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How I am writing My First Blog Post-DDIP

Hey friends

with this Blogpost, I want to share my experience on how I am writing my first blog post.

I am made an outline with the help of MindMeister mind maps and followed these 6 steps while working on my own blog.

Before starting the blog, I have asked my self a question

“why I am going to start/write a blog? ”

Then I concluded with the few major reasons
1. It is because in the process of learning my digital marketing course.
2. is because want to do Affiliate marketing
3. Is to Establish a connection with like-minded people

On Niche topics, Tools required content ideas, etc.

Niche is a very important and most essential decision before starting a blog.
A niche is nothing but a topic that we want to write about in our blogs.

Selecting one niche on which we can write is a brainstorming exercise.
We should have good knowledge about that niche so that we can freely write the best quality blog posts for our readers.

I am planning to make a separate blog on how to choose a Niche for your blogs.

Tools& Technology:
There are different blogging platforms are available. Based on our goal we can choose any one of them.

1. Free blogging sites providers-Like bloggers, tumbler etc with this we just focus only on blog writings rather than building the website and other technicalities, but our blog names are with their respective subdomains. Not custom domain names.

2. There are also Guest post websites – like Medium, Ghost, etc
we can post directly our articles there, In such blogging sites they have existing bloggers community, different blog writer posts available in a similar interest, we can reach out them.
3. Another option is we can have to choose to design blog sites by building our own website. It will give us authority and personal branding,

Domain & Hosting services: I have done my research on these service providers too.
Is the first thing most to do is research for domain names.
Because It is our online address that our readers can type in their browser to reaching out to us.
Remember, if once it is registered, difficult to change later. A good domain name always defines our brand value in the future.

Hosting is a service that our blog post files are kept stored.

Nowadays most of the Hosting service providers are providing domain name service. Service providers like Wix, Bluehost, Namecheap, siteground, GoDaddy, hostinger etc. you can choose based on the cost and services.

I have plan to make a separate blog on how to choose Domain and Hosting services for your blog.

Content Ideas:
The first step in writing the blog is to choose a good topic, for that, we need to get the right ideas.
Only While we doing the research we can get some ideas. Without doing research we can’t get.

In our niche area, we can use google keywords or any SEO tools for getting good topic ideas.
Go to different blogging sites on the same topic or in our niche and read
we have to take notes while doing research. understand the gaps that need to be cover in the topics.
Start researching on it.

Talk to our niche market audience what they are looking for.
we need not be an expert on the topic, but Make sure we have to add value through our post.

Tech setup: based on Research and budget, we have to purchase the domain name and hosting services either from the same service provider or choose from different service providers.

I have brought both domains and hosting services from

later I have chosen the WordPress platform for setting up my blog.

I have installed it and added plugins and themes that are needed initially.

Created my own basic personal blogging site.

I am planning a blog on a detailed tech setup of a word press blog in the coming days.

Content generation:
Setting up the blogging site is alone not sufficient.

The content generation mechanism is important once we started a blog post.

we have to go through and read various blog posts in our niche topic.

Make notes out of it and create an outline in a mindmap.

This can be useful while we sit for writing a blog post on a selected topic.

we have to start paying focus on writing with the gathered information

Creating a Title is key for the blog post,

it is the one that attracts readers to jump into our blog post.

If we can hook the readers with a good title and introduction sentence they will stick to our blog.

We can start our blog post in several ways to keep the audience’s attention.

start with questions? Or start with defining problems of niche audience or
start with a small story or talk directly about the pinpoints that our targeting audience is facing.

Now that I have outlined for my blog post and content information so that I can start rewrites the copy of researched information as per my designed outline structure. if necessary I can make subsections too.

To conclude the end by Just re-write the whole article in a very short paragraph with 2 or 3 sentences that can remind the entire article to the readers.

The blog post cannot be successful unless we can convince users to take action on the blogsite

so we should include a call to action. like sign up for updates, newsletters or We can be asked to leave a comment or to share in their social media accounts or directly asking to buy our product

5.Reach out:
once we completed the writing and published an article in our blog

it is absolutely necessary to share with people otherwise it has no sense of writing a blog post.
We have to start sharing with our friends and relatives for feedback through their social media platforms.
And also share with your network groups.

I need to strategize to reach out in different social media platforms

6.Revenue :
I know making the blog as a money asset is the time testing job.
need to be patient and consistent on blog postings. It completely depends on the value that we are providing to our readers. Blogs can be monetized in different ways,

if our blog has more traffic money come from ads or if we add value to our readers through content and target niche audience they can buy our products ( it is either affiliate products or own products).

So with this, I hope it could be helpful and leave your feedback on the comment section and subscribe my YouTube channel for more updates

Thank you.

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