Mistakes to avoid during customer meetings by every B2B technical sales engineers

From the last few years, If you observed, particularly for the market in India was changed drastically compared to the way it was doing earlier.

If you analyzed the market and you would be definitely understood that digital solutions are having huge momentum.

If you are not realized and also not change to take on a new role in technology solutions. You will befall behind in the next couple of years.

So, you should expand and focus on learning updated technologies like digital marketing, new digital age sales skills for new opportunities.

I truly believe, since many technical salespeople with diversified experience in offline sales and a stronghold on B2B sales cycles will get success easily.

Initially, you may get confused,  the way new marketing technology is working but remember it is just the medium of marketing channels that are changed but fundamentals remain the same.

Sales fundamentals are always the same for ages.

In sales, you would have found that when you pay attention& focus on every stage of the sales cycle, from the first contact to the “ singing the deal ” you will succeed the most of the deal.

Sales happening in very three simple stages:

  1. Finding leads.
  2. Discussion with Prospects.
  3. Agreement with Customer.

In the new regime of B2B technical sales, engineers are very often doing mistakes that can harm business growth.  In the B2B sales process at each stage, these mistakes will lead them to pay heavy costs. I will discuss a few mistakes below in detail.

Not talking to the right contacts

Especially in new and young sales engineers in technical sales are mostly spending their time with the wrong person.

Since you got a lead that does not mean that lead will be the decision-maker.

As everyone knows in technical product sales, decisions will be happening at multiple levels but that does not mean you have to convince them at all levels.

You just find the right decision-maker.

If you don’t ask who is decision maker, surely, you would have wasted your time and energy convincing the wrong person by the end no use.

You need to do your research to understand all the people who are involved in the buying process at each level completely.

When you qualify the lead to a prospect and before going to meet,  start doing a google search to their official website and to know more about what they are into, and what products they are dealing and how big the company is?

Who are their potential buyers ( some times it also matters, we can use of their buyer’s references too off-course it happens only if we already know some of their customers and how they are doing business, goals and their business vision?

It will benefit one way of building a relationship with prospects, and they are also comfortably listening to your sales pitch at a later stage.

Basically, they should resonate with you.

Even you check with other sales team members also, to know if they have reached out to this prospect in the past or working currently with any of their other branch or their associates.

And before the meeting, you just want to confirm them about their scheduled time and who is else will be in the meeting and request them to invite all the decision-making authorities to participate in the meeting so it can speed up the sales process.

You should Identify the right prospects and maintain better rapport with them, contact at different levels would be like a ladder for your business.

In the ladder every spoke is impartment to move upwards, this approach would lead you happening towards the sale by the end.

Talking more than the customer

Most of the time majority of the salespeople talking about their product/service than understanding the customer properly.

If you don’t let the customer speak, you will never be able to understand their pain points.

The real selling process starts when the customer starts sharing his pain points.

Customers are don’t bother about your features and quality men ships, they just focus on what they get and how their investment going to solve their problems.

Technical salespeople should practice to ask open-ended questions and listen to the customer.

Understand their pain points and address their problems with your solutions.

Remember when you meet the prospect means it is already a qualified lead, so, based on the situation only you should talk and find the right fit between your product or services and the customers’ expectations.

For that, you will choose questions mostly related to their implied needs and explicit needs.

It is the Sales engineer’s role and responsibility to find out what the prospect is exactly looking for and what is their current needs?

Then we know how the prospect is giving important and what urgency to have products or solutions that they looking for.

How they are currently managing the situation without having the proper desire solutions?

Then explain the features and benefits of your products/solutions without overpromising.

You have to honestly admit and make educate customers about outcomes. So there is no dispute after selling.

Actually, before going to meet customers, you should list down all the features and functionalities of your products/services and also noting down the benefits that customer might get from each of you product feature and functionalities.

Desperation towards the sales

Most of the salespeople are more often jump into the sales pitch and spend most of the time on how to sell their product/solution/services than a clear understanding of the customer’s requirement.

I can understand their psychology running behind to reach they are of target numbers. But it won’t bring those results.

If you don’t present yourself honestly, Customer will never be able to disclose what they are exactly looking for.

Hence you can’t get the right information and in the end, your solution may not fit your customer.

Finally, they will drop you from the race.

Sales will be happened based on friendship; people will not buy until they are convinced that you are their genuine friend.

Be genuine with customer concerns, Think about what you can do if you are

In their situation and then provide solutions.

Because customers always want to know how you can best meet their needs that the competition is not offering them.

Through consistent communication and feedback, you can also discover better ways to help them solve their problems.

So that do research, keep adding value to customers, continue engagement in all possible platforms, solving problems from time to time, listening to their feedback, and should take action promptly.

With these notes I want you to remember every time before you think about your own Sales efforts, take these findings to your mind. You can become one of the top executives.



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